Friday 7th June: Nearly half of journalists covering climate crisis globally received threats

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That’s a horrifying headline, made only slightly better by the fact that the body copy reveals the actual figure to be 40%, not ‘nearly half’. Regardless, this is yet another body of evidence that demonstrates that journalists can be subject to a horrendous barrage of threats and abuse for reporting on something that affects all of us — often from people with vested interests in letting the world burn.

The Guardian reports that: “A global survey of more than 740 reporters and editors from 102 countries found that 39% of those threatened “sometimes” or “frequently” were targeted by people engaged in illegal activities such as logging and mining. Some 30%, meanwhile, were threatened with legal action – reflecting a growing trend towards corporations and governments deploying the judicial system to muzzle free speech.”

Threatening journalists is never acceptable, just as it isn’t to threaten anybody just because they might inconvenience you. What makes this especially worrying is that environmental coverage is only going to become more regular over the next few years as the climate crisis begins to bite. Newsrooms need to be looking at how they protect journalists now more than ever.

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